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Our service department is mainly based on our skills and experience. Through working in various industrial sectors we focus mainly on high level of qualifications and constant development while paying attention even to the smallest details of the tasks passed onto us.

If you are looking for a partner which guarantees 100% of highest level of service as well as professionals concentrated on the needs of their client we encourage you to work with us.

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Professional installation, production,
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TK Service Solutions as a synonym of reliability...

Industrial process systems engineering

-Production and installation of ducting systems.

- Replacement and repair of mechanical components.

- Inspection and maintenance of key system components.

- Comprehensive diagnostics of automation systems.

- Process analysis incl. functional verification.

- VOC, NOX, Flow and Temperature process measurements and analysis.

- Software programming HMI / PLC.

Maintenance and repairs of machines and components.

- Preventive maintenance of technological and production lines.

- Vibration analysis and balancing of rotating components.

- Comprehensive diagnostics.

- Verification of control systems functionality.

- Annual inspections.

- Troubleshooting

- 24h availability. 

Inspections and repairs of

RTO & TAR oxidizers

- Diagnosis and adjustment of burners.

- Inspections and replacement of ceramic media.

- Inspections of gas installations.

- Replacement of

mechanical and electrical components.

- Periodic Inspections.

- Troubleshooting.

- Launches.

- Relocations.

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