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About TK Service Solutions

Step by step to world wide industry ...

As specialists from various automotive and industrial sectors, we have always been driven by the desire to further development and broaden our horizons in the field of technology.

It motivated us to get to know completely new spheres of industry and the experience gained in international corporations opened the way to increasing our knowledge and technical skills in the world of industrial machines and devices.

Getting to know different technological, production, chemical and renewable energy industries, which gave us the opportunity to cooperate with companies such as Vestas, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Bayern, BASF, ABB, Siemens or Durr, we translate this experience to the benefit of our new customers and use the acquired knowledge to build our own brand under the name of TK Service Solutions, recognized as a service and maintenance provider at the highest level.

TK Service Solutions as a team of specialists qualified in many fields of technology and industrial sectors, we make every effort to be a leader in the field of machinery and equipment maintenance services, regardless of the application, technical solutions or location.

The scope of our services has no technological limitations, as we are able to provide maintenance services for every machine and control system, from wind turbines, through production and technological lines, to RTO afterburners powered by natural gas, anywhere in Europe.

We also carry out repairs, modernizations, vibration analysis and balancing of rotating machine elements in their own bearings without the need to disassemble, providing our clients with comprehensive technical and preventive maintenance solution.

We adjust the type of services to individual customer requirements, thus putting ourselves in the position of a contender to be a business partner for each type of activity.

Working with passion, continuous development and a guarantee of the highest quality are the main reasons to join our mission, of which goal is to provide our customers with trouble free and continuous operation of devices and all their components, guaranteeing minimizing the time of unplanned downtime, and at the same time maximizing the return on investment.

We invite you to contact us and cooperate with the hope that we will meet in the near future as partners on the way to achieve common goals.


TK Service Solutions team


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