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Vibration analysis and balancing of rotating elements.

Our service team equipped with the highest-class equipment for vibration analysis provides analysis services, technical evaluation of the device and balancing the entire machine in its own bearings without the need to disassemble the fixed elements according to

standards: (PN-93 / N-01359, ISO 1940 / 1-1986)


When balancing, the value of mn is most often given in grams, and the radius r is specified in millimeters. Hence the dimension of the unbalance value is

[g · mm]. The rotor under consideration can be replaced by a simplified, but kinetostatically equivalent, physical model in the form of a mass (mw + mn) concentrated in the center of gravity Si, rotating on a circle with radius e and angular velocity ω.





As a consequence, poorly balanced elements of machines and devices may:


  • lead to damage or rapid wear of rotor bearings,

  • damage other elements of the machine as well as building elements if the dimensions of the rotor and its weight are sufficiently large,

  • increase in the noise level in the vicinity of rotating elements,

  • make the machine malfunction (An example may be a grinding wheel, the "runout" of which caused by unbalance will make the surface roughness not meet the required parameters),

  • lowering the operational parameters of the device,

  • lead to a tragic accident.

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