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Our Mission is

Effectively caring for the enviroment by reducing ammounts of gasses and dusts being emissioned into our atmosphere.


We provide our clients with  technical support and maintenance services at the highest level, ensuring compliance with environmental protection regulations and continous effective industrial air treatment.




RTO & TAR Oxidizers maintenance and services

Technical maintenance, design and installation solutions for industries:

  • Chemical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Production

  • Painting

  • Printing

Warranty and post-warranty technical services

Technical support 24 / 7

Production and installation of

process systems for industrial sectors

Installation of process ducting and piping systems for air and media transfers for aplications:

  • Process / exhaust air

  • Pneumatic systems

  • Hydraulic systems

  • Heat exchangers

  • Combustion systems, Air / Gas

  • Industrial armature and automation

  • Piping and media transfer - water, steam, glicol, ammonia, fuel, urea.


Welding & Ironworks services

Services provided by certified and qualified team of welders and fitters:

  • Production and installation of steel constructions

  • Welding repairs of machines and components

  • Shipbuilding and modifications and hull repairs

  • Piping and media transfer installations

  •  TIG (141)

  •  MMA (111)

  •  MAG (135)

  •  MIG (131)

  •  Gas (311)


Automation services and programming of technological aplications.

Maintenance, assembly and modernization of PLC / HMI control systems:

  • Technological lines

  • RTO & TAR Oxidizers

  • Industrial systems wiring

  • Comissioning, testing, analysis

  • Combustion & Industrial burner systems

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